People-centred change,
where it matters most.

Welcome. I’m a consultant and writer — I help global institutions, and individual leaders, to make necessary changes in how they work.

My focus is on effective delivery for the most marginalised. This includes urgent but under-addressed global challenges, and protracted situations of conflict / instability.

My work draws on twenty years experience with strategy implementation & change management, cutting across development, peace processes, humanitarian relief, and (in a past life) private sector risk governance.


One Step Forward is an oral history of public service in the hardest times. In each episode I interview a practitioner doing impactful work for the most marginalised, often amidst serious violence or a hostile political environment.

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I have helped dozens of global institutions identify new ways of working when the old ones don’t cut it anymore. More importantly I’ve unblocked those critical first few steps forward.

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Follies in Fragile States

This is the first-ever inside account of a multilateral stabilisation initiative. It unpacks “what went wrong” in the Democratic Republic of the Congo from 2007 onwards, and identifies five clear lessons for engagement elsewhere.

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Other publications

Applied thinking on change leadership in complex multilateral contexts.

This is a mix of published work for client organisations; working papers for think tanks; and short pieces for periodicals. 

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