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Let’s work smarter.

Talks, events, and initiatives to link up good ideas with good people.

First and foremost — I’m founder at Rethink Fragility, a social enterprise based in London.

This follows on a decade-plus working on experimental initiatives for better peacebuilding. Through all of this, it seemed like we were using nineteenth-century models for learning and decision-making, when faced with challenges that were fluid, cross-sectoral, and transnational.

So now we’re posing the challenge:

  • What if we transformed the way that practitioners share their expertise, and learn from others?
  • What if we mobilised the untapped experience and goodwill of experts everywhere, whatever their day jobs?

I’d love to see you at an event, or as part of an online conversation, so please click through for more details.

Speaking engagements

From time to time I give talks and handle media enquiries as an independent voice on stabilisation and recovery. Some events over the last few years have included:

>> Public agencies such as the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and US Department of State.

>> Think tanks including the International Peace Institute and Overseas Development Institute.

>> Smaller organisations active in fragile states, e.g. Saferworld and Integrity.

>> Academic institutions in emerging economies, e.g. the Jindal School of International Affairs for 2016.

If you’re interested please do drop me a line, or find me on social media.